Bever 3D Profiler

Bever Win 3D Profiler_1.jpg

Guidance and quality control of tunnel profiles

There is a general objective at tunneling to drill and blast a profile with optimal profile at the lowest cost. That is : low overbreak and low risk for underbreak (which is costly to remove at a later stage in the project).

The Bever 3D Profiler is normally mounted on the jumbo rig and can be operated by the drill rig operator.

3D Profiler features

profilering 3D.jpeg

  • check tunnel profile as a normal operation during round drilling/blasting

  • scanned 3-dimensional profiles is measured and points on profile is displayed to operator

  • operator is advised about underbreaks

  • overbreak is calculated and presented to operator

  • recorded profile can be displayed on PC and documented on paper

  • underbreak may be drilled/blasted during next round

  • profile can be drilled with less margin with less risk for costly underbreak removal

  • reduced need for surveying work, later profiling

  • scanning may be done while drilling next roundprofilering.jpeg
  • operator on rig can operate the profiler without expert assistance
  • Can also be delivered as a self contained unit