Computer controlled operation in tunneling and mining

Bever Control AS is a company specialising in computer based guidance and control systems for drilling jumbos, used in the tunnelling and mining industries.
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Jumbo at Face

Our Bever Team Office v3.0 planning software are ideal for all kinds of tunnel projects, from the smallest to the most complex ones. Modern tunnelling on highway construction is often designed with underground crossing and ramps, requiring complex blasting control for optimised results. Read more...

3D Drill pattern

AMV drilling jumbo equipped with Bever Win 2010 Control system for drilling and profile scanning. The drilling operator monitor and control the drilling operation in his safe and comfortable cabin. No marking on the face, obtain reduced overbreak and safe blasting.

AMV Jumbo from Cabin

Blast drilling can be guided or automatic controlled by our computer system. The display shows accurate design of drill pattern and gives the operator the nescesary tool to operate the positioning system.

Bever Win 2009 - Drilling

Bever Win 2000 guidance on Atlas Copco
Bever Control has delivered several systems to the Atlas Copco 353ES jumbo.Sensors are installed in all the joints of the booms.


Bever Win 3D Profiler scans the excavated tunnel from the jumbo. The drill rig operator verify the contour geometry and scans the last round while drilling next round.

Profiler Log 3D

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